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Agriculture and Natural Resources
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Agriculture and Natural Resources
Instructional programs that prepare individuals to apply scientific knowledge and methods, and technical skills, to support agribusiness and agricultural activities, such as management, production and propagation, supplies and services, mechanics, marketing, and horticulture.
Award Type 
Median Annual Salary 
2 Years Before 
2 Years After 
5 Years After 
ExpandAgricultural Power Equipment Technology Certificate Play Video $27,326$32,407$39,110
ExpandAgriculture Business, Sales and Service Degree Play Video $21,201$34,117$42,598
ExpandAnimal Science Degree Play Video $14,750$28,637$34,514
ExpandAnimal Science Certificate Play Video $14,264$26,703$33,921
ExpandFloriculture / Floristry Certificate $26,319$19,037$29,651
ExpandForestry Degree $21,480$39,060$42,814
ExpandHorticulture Degree Play Video $21,282$29,548$32,103
ExpandHorticulture Certificate Play Video $19,515$26,840$27,218
ExpandLandscape Design and Maintenance Degree Play Video $31,075$31,791$33,040
ExpandLandscape Design and Maintenance Certificate Play Video $27,344$33,890$40,763
ExpandNursery Technology Certificate Play Video $15,242$26,147$26,295
ExpandTurfgrass Technology Certificate Play Video $30,188$45,041$58,522
ExpandVeterinary Technician (Licensed) Degree Play Video $15,110$32,959$36,391
ExpandViticulture, Enology, and Wine Business Degree Play Video $34,739$33,623$28,438